We build our gates using the highest quality fabrication practices

Strength and durability are key elements to these products and our designs have that and more. Most of our gates are built with larger than industry standard materials including higher density materials when needed to ensure the long lasting strength and beauty of your investment.

Entry Gates

Entry/passage/man gates can be used for side yards, utility areas, alley access or anywhere else that requires accessible passage. There are infinite styles available and can be either secured or non-secured depending on your needs, including pool code compliance.

Entry Gate Examples

RV Gates

RV gates are any gates that cover a broad area. Typically these are a 2 gate design but can be made as a single with a support wheel or a rolling gate on a track. Closers can be security or non security style depending on your needs.

RV Gate Examples

Courtyard Gates

Courtyard gates tend to be more of a personal statement and are some of our favorites to build since they are all a little different. From simple to ornate, we work with your architecture and desire to create a gate that suits your personality, environment and budget.

Courtyard Gate Examples

Our Process

1. Design

Bring your pictures and measurements to a design consultation for a free estimate.

2. Fabricate

Once you choose CWF, the build process starts and is completed within a few days to 2 weeks depending on materials and schedule.

3. Install

Installation is available upon request and is completed by an expert installer, or you can do it yourself with our guidance and common tools.

any size or configuration

Custom gates

We are a fabrication shop in North Phoenix near Deer Valley Airport. We love new challenges and encourage you to bring us your ideas and let us bring them to light for you. Let us know how we can help or make an appointment for a design consultation.

Shop visits are by appointment only please.

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