Diamond trellis

Full frame trellis with 45 degree interior grid

This beautiful trellis is easily our most popular. Many of our clients will order this trellis larger than needed so that it can still be seen with the plant on it. We typical use a 16” spacing to set the interior grid which means that from any corner you can measure 16” to the next intersection along the interior of the frame. Both the horizontal and vertical measurements must be divisible by the same number so as to hit the corners exactly. We have done many variations of spacing, so if you desire a larger or smaller dimension just ask. Frame size is usually either 1” or 1.5” depending on desire but there are several other size choices as well. Standard size is approximately 4’ wide by 5.5’ tall plus 24” leg

Diamond trellis examples

Our Process

1. Design

Choose the style of your choice then custom fit to your space or buy it off the wall.

2. Fabricate

Pick your material size based on desire or need. Timing can be anywhere from same day to 2 weeks depending on materials and schedule.

3. Install

Utilize our expert installers or we will advise you on the install process which is quite easy.

Bring us your inspiration

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We love new challenges and encourage you to bring us pics or drawings of your desires to create the perfect trellis for your needs
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